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From the 29th to the 30th of September, beekeepers from Subotica (Serbia) organized one more beekeeping manifestation the sixth festival of beekeeping – Subotica 2002. Although this was one of the worst beekeeping years and the weather was cold 27 exhibitors of beekeeping products and equipment gathered, 1137 visitors degusted six kinds of honey and about 100 persons participated in a very successful beekeeping conference. 

The festival was formally open at 10 o’clock with the beekeeping anthem sung by “Jovan Milic” elementary school pupils and with an appropriate address to all the participants by Zivoslav Stojanovic, the president of the association and Jozef Agardi, the secretary (in Hungarian). After that, the participants were welcomed by Mr. Marko Stanojevic, the vice president of SPOS and Mr. Ferenc Sepesi, the president of the beekeepers’ association in Segedin. A speech was also given by Mr. Sasa Vucinic the vice president of township council which was the sponsor of the exhibition.

As usually, this year beekeeping awards were granted to the most active members of the association – Jovan Zivanovic diploma was given to Jozef Agardi. Pera Brescanski and Antun Lukic got worthy beekeeper medals.     

Welcome speech by Zivoslav Stojanovic, the president of the association


Welcome speech by SPOS vice president Marko Stanojević  Traditional grant of this year’s honey to Sasa Vucinic the vice president of township council



The conference took place in beautiful surroundings of Serbian Culture Center “Sveti Sava” premises, with the following agenda:


Prof. Dušan Petrović i Prim. dr Luka Kolarević (Sr. Karlovci) – Promotion of the reprint edition of the book Serbian Beekeeper,


Marko Stanojević (Belgrade) – Preparing and wintering of bee colonies


Fritsch Otto ( Budapest) – The possibilities of exploitation of locust honeyflow

dr Stipan Kovačić (Darda - Croatia) – Queen production

Fritsch Otto, the lecturer from Hungary and Agardi Jozef simultaneously translating Dr Stipan Kovačić’s additional explanations after the conference was over
Prof. Dušan Petrović, the rector of Karlovac theological college presenting the reprint of Serbian beekeeper from 1893. 

The conference was very well visited by beekeepers from Subotica, and also by the beekeepers from Sombor, Backa Topola, Jagodina, Velika Plana and other towns. All the lectures were carefully surveyed although they lasted 4.5 hours and were followed by many questions and additional explanations. The guest from Croatia (the first lecturer in this region after 1991) had to answer the greatest number of questions. He is a great queen breeder, this year he produced 5500 queens in his 800 mini queen rearing boxes. In Croatia beekeepers buy queens from registered breeders (like dr Kovacic) and they cost only 2.5 €. As a stimulus from the state a breeder gets 3.5 € per queen. Our state officials could take this idea into consideration since similar stimulus is given to queen breeders in Hungary.

Text: Živoslav Stojanović

Photos: Karolj Mareček

Translated by Oliver Mihajlović

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