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Dear visitors,

The site was the first Serbian Internet Journal about beekeeping and also the Serbian beekeepers’ database. We plan to form the international part of our site in Russian and English, and we’ll make efforts to become an international magazine.

We’ll be grateful for any information from your country, which could be helpful for all site visitors. We hope that our friendship at site and e-mail corresponding will be of significance for beekeepers' knowledge progress and beekeepers' cooperation worldwide.

We expect your questions and remarks. Your articles will be translated in Serbian and Russian to be accessible for all the visitors. Please write about phenology in beekeeping, including plants phenology and bee colony conditions during the year. Your photos, stories and poetry are welcome too.

Yours sincerely

Predrag Cvetkovic


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Multilingual Apiculture-Entomology Glossary, edited by Rajko Boric (Serbia) (MS Excel file):



Beekeeping articles:

Dana Haris: How to Label Your Honey Products

Miljko Šljivić: Beekeeping in Serbia

Predrag Cvetković: Working with frames and hive boxes

Predrag Cvetkovic: The most common mistakes and omissions in beekeeping

Franc  Šivic: Beekeeping - A way of living 

T.V.Ruzankina Micro-doses of bee venom

Fedorenko Sergej Olegovic Hubam clover

Kadivka Stevanović M.D. My experience with Apitherapy

Mila Lelic: Comb Honey in Jar

Propolis and garlic balm

Honey and stomach acid production

Slobodan Ž. Janković Alpine hive

David Cramp Beekeeping in Spain

Rusty Wise: A beekeeper's tale

New children's book by Rusty Wise

Rusty Wise: Anaphylaxis

Rusty Wise: THE WBC - A Classic British Beehive

Rusty Wise: Step by step - Swarm caught

Ian Rumsey: Beekeeping - Pure and Simple Chapter 1

Ian Rumsey: Beekeeping - Pure and Simple Chapter 2

Ian Rumsey: Pure and Simple (or: About Author's experiments)

Srdjan Todorovski: A Novel Beehive Frame

Roger Patterson: Queens - poor mating and laying

V.I. Lebedev: Propolis production in the apiary

Belinda Bee Swarms Away the other children's book by Rusty Wise  

Her Majesty the Queen a poem by Rusty Wise

Rusty Wise: Going to the Heather (photo story)

Srdjan Todorovski: New Purposes of Artificial Queen Cell Cups (Biological role of bell shaped cells

Elizabeth Petris: Two honey recipes

Rusty Wise: Top Bar Hive (Part one)

Selecting a honey beauty queen at the beekeeping exhibition "Belgrade 2006"

A swarm in a roll-blinds box (A report with pictures)

Rusty Wise: A Mountain of Honey

Tamara Ruzankina: Sensors should be fed

Kristijan Dubravac: Beekeeping trailer for 24 hives  

Kristijan Dubravac: Beekeeping trailer for 44 hives

Kristijan Dubravac: Pillar hive

Interview with Živoslav Stojanović, the president of the Beekeeping Association of Serbia (SPOS) (the former president)

Review of "Beekeeping after War" a feature documentary film

Pictures from the filming "Beekeeping after War"

Interview with Henry Clement the president of National Union of French Beekeeping (UNAF): For the survival of bees and beekeeping

Hossam Farag Abou-Shaara: Egyptian Beekeeping (Part 1 and Part 2)

Hossam Farag Abou-Shaara: Report about the First International Forum for the Egyptian Beekeepers

Hossam Farag Ibrahim Abou-Shaara: About Yemeni honeybees



Predrag Cvetkovic: On the appiaries of Slovenia 

Živoslav Stojanovic: The sixth festival of Beekeeping - SUBOTICA 2002

 "PCELARSTVO 2003" - Beekeeping exhibition, Belgrade   

Beekeeping exhibition, Belgrade 2005



Beekeeping in Yugoslavia

The most frequently asked questions

Honey bee in poetry

Honey in the kitchen


Tony Karp: Wild bees  Gallery

Site visitor from Pakistan (two pictures)

Beekeepers family Leliv, from Dushanbe, Tajikistan  


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