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Kristijan Dubravac

Zupanja, Croatia


Beekeeping trailer for 44 hives


The trailer for 44 hives has been attested and tried out. It is the same principle of construction as with the light trailer, but with much greater load.

A much stronger axis is used now, taken from an old van. Hives with not more than two hive boxes are transported, since the tires could not withstand the weight.

The trailer is modeled after the smaller one but with two mobile platforms in the middle. The difference is that out of 44 hives 33 can be turned towards South or East if that is what one wants.



If used in combination with a van this trailer is ideal, since the third or even fourth box necessary for great crops can be transported in the van. Before transporting, the third box filled with honey should be removed and put in the van, while honey in the second box doesn’t present a problem for the trailer.

These photos are taken in Hrvatska Kostajnica on chestnut flow.



video clip: http://www.youtube.com/user/kristijandubravac