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Kristijan Dubravac

Zupanja, Croatia


 Beekeeping trailer for 24 hives


This little trailer can hold 24 Langstroth hives.

The trailer is made for fast transport of beehives by a car or a van. It can be pulled by the smallest passenger car which is its main advantage. 

You can see on the photos of the trailer that anybody can make it. I made these trailers myself. They are registered with an attest, but for 750kg only, although they can hold much more.



The hives are fastened with endless screws. Every other hive has an endless screw which goes through a pipe put over the hives. 

The hives are fastened so well that you can drive 110 km/h. You can drive over road bumps and not a single hive will open. An additional platform, put on sliders, goes through the middle of the trailer. When the trailer reaches its destination the middle row is simply pulled out. We can see here that the trailer construction is put beneath the wheels so that the hives could be arranged in a straight line. 




video clip: http://www.youtube.com/user/kristijandubravac