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Predrag Cvetković

Photos: Oliver Mihajlović


The twenty ninth beekeeping exhibition "Pčelarstvo 2003" was held from the 2nd to 5th of October this year and gathered the record number of participants and exhibitors. The exhibition is traditionally organized each year in Tasmajdan Park, Belgrade. 

300 exhibitors from Serbia, Montenegro and Serbian Republic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) were present. 250 of them were selling honey and other bee products, 40 exhibitors sold beekeeping equipment, while 10 sold books and other beekeeping literature. The exhibition was visited by a great number of beekeepers from Serbia. Also, there were organised visits from Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The number of visitors is hard to be determined. Some estimate that it was between 200 and 300 thousands and that over 100-150 tons of honey was sold.

The exhibition was opened by Mrs. Radmila Hrustanovic, the mayor of Belgrade, and Mr. Stojan Jevtic, the minister of agriculture was present. Traditionally, in scope of the opening ceremony, a honey tree was planted in the park – linden tree this year. 


The exhibition was organized by the Beekeepers’ Society of Belgrade, Belgrade Society of beekeepers and the Beekeeping Association of Serbia.

The price of honey exhibited was 250 dinars (3.8€) for 1kg (2.2 pounds).

This year, in order to provide an additional security to buyers, special banderols were introduced which every exhibitor had to attach to their honey jars. The banderols wore the note "Pčelarstvo 2003 SPOS 011/245 86 40". All the products exhibited were controlled by an authorized inspection committee

Some beekeeping innovations were presented and rewards and prizes in different categories were granted. A round table was organized about the most important beekeeping magazine in Serbia - "Pčelar". 

It was especially important that Dr. Erich Schieferstein, the president of the German beekeeping Association, came and held a lecture in the building of Belgrade law faculty.




[1] pcelarstvo – beekeeping (Serbian)