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T. Ruzankina

the apitherapist of clinic 118


Sensors should be fed


It is well known that honey contains necessary trace elements (at least 25), which are well adopted by human organism. Stojmir Mladenov, Bulgraian scientist apitherapist, determined that daily intake of honey for a grown man equals 5 large spoons each dissolved in a glass of warm water. Unfortunately, the recommended dosage does not always improve the condition of little sensors i.e. eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin… The point is that brain takes over 85% of honey water which enters the organism (it is the ideal food for the brain which is always the first to take its part), 5-10% is taken by heart (also ideal food and when a heart gets what is necessary we will never see an EEG result – dystrophic changes of myocardium; not to feed a heart nowadays is disgraceful) and lungs (they need structured water – it is important that alveoli, which constantly get in contact with air, do not become dry). Honey makes water structured, and we should be also thankful for that. So, 90-95% of honey water is taken by large organs: brain, heart, lungs. We might ask the stomach for some ferment to help digestion. However, there are some other large organs, like spine, which includes bone tissue and ligaments between vertebrae (which dries and deforms), furthermore, there are joints – they all need some honey water when in crisis. The muscles will also want some in order to support the hard spinal column and move the joints.  

So what is left to sensors then? Well, nothing! The sensors need to be helped, taken care of and fed separately. Therefore, in 1996 the Medical newspaper published a treatment of eyes with freshly prepared honey water. A list of eye diseases which can be treated with honey was printed (it is available in the appendix of the third book “Apitherapy School of Health” (in Russian)).

It is recommended:

-         honey solution 1:4, taken 3 days, 2 drops in the morning and in the evening

-         honey solution 1:3, taken 3-5-6-10 days, 2 drops 2-3 times a day

-         honey solution 1:2, taken 3-5-8-10 days, 2 drops  2-3-4 times a day

-         honey solution 1:1, taken 1.5 month, 2 drops  2-3-4-5 times a day

During a year 2-3-4 cycles of treatment can be done, since honey is food and we are feeding our eyes (in the morning and in the evening).

Blood circulation in the eye area is improved, the exchange of substances is normalized, and the brain and eyes are effectively protected from spasms and hypoxia. The treatment stimulates the improvement of normal processes and decreases the tiredness of eyes. 

Nose, a sense for smell - unfortunately, often absent (smell sense, not nose). I remember one of my first patients: I treated chronic bronchitis and instructed him to spread an ointment made of propolis and butter on the exterior of his nose (I showed him the biologically active points). 3-4 days passed. The patient’s son came to take his father home after the treatment and he had a parcel in his hands. The father asked: “Why did you buy tar soap?” The son was excited: “You got your smell sense back?! You couldn’t feel any smell for fifteen years!”

Propolis with butter recovers the sense of smell (it is necessary to mention that the patient also took propolis in scope of his bronchitis treatment).

Ears, hearing – Very often I encounter the diagnosis: neurosensory deafness and I see the patient eagerly trying to hear something. We can use propolis and butter ointment to spread on the ears and even inside ears using the little finger or special little sticks in the morning and in the evening. Treatments should not be shorter than 1.5 months and there should be a one month break between the treatments (although it is not necessary). Three treatments should be done during one year. If patients do not take alcohol or alcohol based medicaments, it is possible to use bee venom ointment (apizartron - sold in drug stores in Russia) 1-2 times a week alternating with propolis. When using bee venom it is necessary to take honey – not less than one teaspoon a day during one year. It is important that if bee venom treatment is started and if it shows good results, do not take a single drop of alcohol, since bee venom is destroyed even by several drops of Corvalol (alcohol based medicament for heart conditions made in Russia – translator’s remark). You should take honey for heart diseases, not alcohol based drugs. Some people even take Corvalol to help them fall asleep. Honey is the best sedative: let a teaspoon of honey melt in your mouth before going to bed, do not drink water and in one month you will see that you don’t need Corvalol.

Touch, tactition sense. Do you have finger cramps, especially when sleeping? Is it hard for you to take a needle in your hand? Very often I hear complaints about Osteochondritis of neck and thorax part of the spine: it is hard to lift a hand to fix your hair etc.

Professor E. A. Ludianski’s method of “fingers propolisation” used for treating irregular body stature of school children simultaneously with apifitotonus makes it possible for the spine, its structure, muscles and ligaments to recover, therefore the diagnosis of irregular body structure can be withdrawn after a cycle of treatment (2-3 weeks).

What is spine? Bones one on another, intervertebral tissue, all this fastened with deep layers of short muscles. As an apitherapist I can say that propolis and butter ointment is a powerful medicament using which there is no need for strong pressure, but only by gently spreading the ointment we treat muscle and blood vessels spasms, we recover blood flow, microcirculation, we remove micro swellings and inflammations.

Propolis with butter goes deep into all layers of muscles and does rehabilitating treatment. The regular massage is not necessary in this case. Nerves and blood vessels responsible for a particular area of human body start from every vertebra. Nerve fibres go in circles. Sometimes a patient comes and pointing to the frontal thorax bones and the spine she says: “Put a bee here and here”. The pain reaches the frontal part, so the patients often think that their heart aches. Actually, it is necessary to help the thorax part of the spine to stop clenching, since pain comes through the nerves into frontal thorax bones. If the patient should start applying propolis on spine and frontal bones she would remove the pain. It is possible to use propolis and clay cream on the spine (see Pcelovodstvo (Russian beekeeping magazine – translator’s note) for 2005, the articles “Clay in the hands of an apitherapist” where you can find instructions to make such a cream).

Therefore, sensors should be fed! I wish you good health!


(Trans. by Oliver Mihajlović)