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Zika Stojanovic

president of the Beekeeping Association of Serbia

Selecting a honey beauty queen at the beekeeping exhibition "Belgrade 2006"

The first beauty contest and selecting a honey beauty queen for 2006 was organized by the Beekeeping Association of Serbia. Out of 16 candidates the Jury made a narrow selection of 10 girls who were invited to come to Tasmajdan traditionally dressed.
The combination of votes from the Beekeeping Association of Serbia Jury (50%) and 98 exhibitioners (50%) selected:

The Honey Beauty Queen: ALEKSANDRA STEPANOVIC - Raca
1st Runner-up: JELENA LILIC - Zagubica
2nd Runner-up: DANICA MANDIC - Backa Palanka

Other candidates came from Palic, Belgrade, Obrenovac, Velika Plana, Smederevska Palanka, Priboj, Indjija, Zajecar etc.
It is interesting to note that the votes of the Jury and the exhibitioners were very different.
The Jury estimated five parameters from 1-10: physical appearance, communicativeness, education, beekeeping knowledge, foreign languages.

The exhibitioners naturally voted only by judging the visual effect.
All dresses for winners were made by fashion house "Dona" from Subotica. It was required that the dresses have the color of honey. They were made in advance, although the winners were unknown. The blouse was designed using intertwines instead of buttons.
Their beauty and spirit should now be used in marketing of our beekeeping. They should be invited to our gatherings; advertisements should be made using their pictures and jars of honey. The message would be: Look how healthy and beautiful we are since we use bee products every day.




Translation: Oliver Mihajlovic