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Mila Lelić, Trstenik

Comb Honey in Jar

(Trans. by Oliver Mihajlović)


When we read in the newspapers that some beekeeper made bees draw comb directly in jars and fill it with honey, we decided to try it ourselves. Next season, before Locust flow we prepared two hives put some plastic foil on brood chambers. The cover had several openings for several jars, the size of which depended on the size of the jars. We put the jars on the openings and an empty super above the brood chamber. A little honey had been put in jars before, but that was not necessary.

Photo: Mila Lelic

It is important that the colonies are strong and that they have enough food in the brood chambers. When the nectar flow began, the bees gradually occupied the jars and drew comb.

Although Locust flow was weak that year, the meadows helped later, and the bees managed to draw comb and fill it with honey. Afterwards, we poured some extracted honey above the comb.

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