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Rusty Wise, UK

Her Majesty the Queen


The present Queen is proud and strong,

She rules her land and mighty throng,

With iron fist, and sense of duty,

All wrapped up in pristine beauty.


Her loyal subjects toil all day,

They never falter, never sway,

Never question, or dare to ask,

What drives them to their daily task.


Her laws are rigid, can not be bent,

The force within is never rent.

When danger threatens life is giv’n,

Freely, gladly, never driv’n.


If hunger strikes and food is short,

There’s equal shares for folk and court,

None will cheat, beg, steal or lie,

So all will live, or all will die.


“Where is this land of perfect grace?

I search the atlas, but no trace.”

“You will not find it in a book,

Go to the garden, and take a look.”


“I see a structure tall and white,

Is this the land, can I be right?

Sweet fragrant honey scents the air,

Is this the home of Queen so fair?”


She’s the mother of her nation,

Every subject her relation,

Of course, it’s clear, and now I see,

This glorious Queen is a BEE!



Rusty Wise 2005