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A very English book of the countryside, telling the story of a little brown honey bee called Belinda, and her adventures through four seasons of the year as she gathers nectar and pollen to make honey for her growing family and some extra for her kind owner Mrs Watson. She has an epic battle with a wasp (the honey bees mortal enemy), Nearly gets caught in a rainstorm, leads a swarm in defence of her friends and nearly starves to death in the depths of winter.

The final chapter is a simple factual description of life in the apiary and the production of the honey we love to eat. The explanations are supported with photographs taken in the author's own apiary.

The author hopes the first four chapters will awaken an interest in bees and honey, so the final chapter is there to answer any questions that may be asked.

This book is meant to be fun to read, pretty to look at and loosely educational- (but don't tell the children that). Belinda Bee is written primarily for children under 10 with an interest in food and country life, however the author hopes that their adults will enjoy it too and find it informative.



Although I was born in the UK, my parents originally came from Yugoslavia. I was christened Vera Terzic, and my family were Croatian Serbs living in Lika, Nr Gracac.

Beekeeping (a truly Slavic pastime) must be in my blood. I keep 10 hives of bees, and sell the honey locally. It is wonderful way to spend my time, and the final outcome is a lovely pot of honey that my customers love.




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I wrote this book so that little children could start to learn a about honey bees, beekeeping and honey, and I hope it will encourage the young ones, firstly to take up the hobby and secondly, to eat lot's of honey. My next book is to be published next year (2005.), the second in the Belinda Bee Series.


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