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Hossam Farag Abou-Shaara


Assistant lecturer at Faculty of Agriculture, Damanhour branch, Alexandria University, Egypt.

Member of the International Union for the Study of Social Insects (IUSSI)

North American Section (NAS) & Central European Section (CES)



Report about the First International Forum for the Egyptian Beekeepers
Under Title:
For the Best Future for Beekeeping Industry



The First International Beekeeping Forum for The Egyptian Beekeepers took place in Tanta at Grand Babilon hotel, on 28/12/2009. There were a lot of beekeepers from different countries like Turkey, France, U.S.A., Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Jordan.

Grand Babilon

Tanta (Forum place)

The program of the forum was as the following:

The first day:

The first day contained of the introduction word of the president of the forum Prof. Osama El-Ansary and the supervisors on the forum Eng. Ibrahim Madi , Mr. Fathy El-Beheary and Mr. Henry Clement from France.

Prof. Osama El-Ansary Mr. Fathy Beheary

After that there was a period for rest. There was a store with beekeeping products beside the forum and all the visitors went there to see the products.

Hall of the forum Egyptian Beekeepers

After that there were different lectures about honey bees. One of them was the lecture of the President of the Turkish beekeeping Association.

Prof. Ahmed El-Ghamedy Mr. Montaser Hasnawey


Beekeepers at the store Dr. Khalid Salah


The second day:

Different lectures were presented by Mr. Clement, Mrs. Daliris RamArez, Dr. Khalid Salah. Beside others, there were topics about honeybees and using bee brood as human food.


Mr. Henry Clement
Mr. Henry Clement
Daliris (a researcher from USA) and Hossam F. Abou-Shaara

The last day of the Forum:

The last day of the forum was on 30/12/2009. Different lectures were presented by Mr. Khalid El-Amery (Lebanon), Kasem El-Mozafer, Dr. Ahmed El-Zouhiry, En. Naser Basiouny, Dr. Mohamed Omer, Dr. Ahmed El-Ghamedy, Mr. Montaser El-Hasnawey.


Abd El-Aziz, Dr. Khanbesh and Dr. K. Salah Arabian beekeepers


The recommendation of the forum:

1- Taking care of training and improving skills of Arabian beekeepers.
2- Trying to suggest standard characteristics of different honey types.
3- Increasing the number of queen rearing stations.
4- Increasing the number of honeybee apiaries in the Arabian countries.

The beekeepers were very happy with this forum and the president of the forum confirmed that this forum will be held at the same period each year on 28 - 30 /12. Generally such forums are very important for sharing information and experience with different beekeepers and Professors.

Mr. Henry Clement warned the beekeepers about the spread of small hive beetles and said that this pest will be common in Europe soon. Prof. Dr. Osama El-Ansary warned about the Nosema cerana as a new pest in the Middle East and that not many studies were done on this pest.